Have you ever started doing something and then suddenly it feels overwhelming? Don’t worry, everyone has probably been there before. That’s probably because you rushed in and didn’t properly plan or organize the occurrence. To avoid such things happening, planning, organizing, and making schedules will be your number one priority.

A good schedule will ease your organisation and planning by a lot. Start out with a weekly schedule. Make sure to leave room for unexpected events if there is a chance something like that might happen.

Ideaology is thrilled to interact with its community. Your opinions and ideas are more than welcome. If you have any questions related to anything we’re talking about, feel free to reach out to us on any platform.

Our team is looking forward to interacting with you, so you can expect fast and useful responses on whichever platform you decide to comment on. Our goal is to create a community where everyone will feel comfortable to comment on your ideas, as well as ours, and discuss them all together.

Besides that, we strongly encourage you to give us feedback on what…

Cryptocurrency is the future. As the world progresses, tokens are getting more valuable by the minute. In a world where banks are getting less secure, most of the people will prefer to be their own bank. So naturally, more and more people are getting interested in tokens.

IDEA is one of the new and up-and-coming tokens. It has reached 707% ROI in only two months with ATH, so it’s a very promising start. Since it has accomplished such high growth in two months, it is only expected to grow even further.

Besides that, IDEA provides you many beneficial assets and…

A startup is an arduous and challenging journey with significant risks. Therefore, it is advisable first to acknowledge the many dangers a business starter can encounter before embarking on the start-up journey. You can find support in many places. More specifically, you can find the proper support for your project with Ideaology!

Like Team IDEA and the Active IDEA platform, these inspiring startup stories will guide you through the complicated difficulties in their respective start-up ventures. If you are planning your startup, these stories are for you!

Ralph Lauren

When it comes to start-up stories in the fashion industry, the first name…

Embarking on entrepreneurship is getting more accessible than ever. However, that doesn’t mean it’s simple; turning into an entrepreneur requires you to invest in yourself with long periods of learning and trial and error before a prolific career. Bear in mind that although you can go to business school for some ventures or spend hundreds of dollars on e-courses, getting direct guidance from individuals who are going through their days dispatching organizations is a good choice, too.

Thanks to the prevalence of social media networks, it’s easier for us to get to know these aspiring individuals. More and more industry…

We invite you to be one of the lucky traders to win a share of 100,000 IDEA on KuCoin!

To show our appreciation for your support and celebrate IDEA’s +250% price increase after being listed on Kucoin, Ideaology and Kucoin are launching a campaign to give away a reward pool of 100,000 IDEA to all the qualified KuCoin traders!

The campaign called “The Battle of the Trading Whales” will run from 12:00:00 on April 7, 2021, to 12:00:00 on April 14, 2021 (UTC).

The whole campaign will be divided into two activities with different mechanics and qualifications for winning. …

Freelancing is an incredible gift granted by technology’s boom and the Internet made by the digital age. If you get into the process and start to see the payment flow, it can be a transformative full-time gig. Surprisingly, many professionals do not have the diversity to learn more skills to land the proper gig. When collabvesting is not an option, let Team IDEA help you list creative ways to get paid as an online freelancer.

Voiceover Acting

You see, having a decent microphone at home is an excellent investment. Pair that with an incredible voice and the ability to show emotion through…

We’ve partnered with Unlock BC to provide the MENA Region news about our token, Active IDEA, and plans!

Our community knows that Team IDEA values information and transparency regarding the status, updates, and news about Ideaology and our revolutionary crypto-based platform, Active IDEA.

With the awareness of the need to provide news and updates to our countless community members in the MENA region, we are very excited to announce that we have partnered up with the first crypto news site in the area, Unlock BC!

To deliver and contribute to the development of blockchain technology in the MENA region, Ideaology…

The booming crypto industry is experiencing a great surge of demand when it comes to talented professionals. The continuous development and dynamic changes that the whole industry consistently helps shed light on blockchain-related opportunities. From business-building, tech coordination, finance, to workforce management, there are more and more unique positions that professionals can land in the ever-expanding crypto world.

Ideaology is currently going through this process and we would love to provide our insights when it comes to the top in-demand jobs in the blockchain space. We figured that some of these jobs will land on Active IDEA so we might…

As the gig economy has developed enormously in the course of recent years, the number of platforms that help organizations looking for freelancers has experienced a substantial amount of growth. But aside from their advantages, these freelance platforms have their share of bumps in the road that affected online freelancers.

These minor and annoying issues are almost exclusive to online professionals. That’s why Team IDEA is listing down the things that online freelancers should look for a platform and the difficulties that these platforms can bring. Let’s dive right in!

Challenges Of Finding The Right Platform

Before we can list down the best traits of the…


Ideaology is an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, which will be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members.

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