A Guide to Your Online Portfolio

Think of it as your professional passport, what exact details, updates, and highlights should you put on your online portfolio? Let’s find out!

A professional online presence is a must now more than ever. With the wave of online gigs and opportunities already on the rise, an online portfolio can serve as a key that unlocks businesses and gigs.

First off — you must be asking yourself about the essential things that need to be in your online portfolio. After all, this is what employers or potential partners will look at before they reach out. It’s definitely something that you should be thinking of. In fact, you plan out how your portfolio represents your achievements, your work, and what you can bring to the table. So, with that, let Ideaology help you navigate the critical things that are definitely needed on your online portfolio!

How to Build Your Online Portfolio?

A Strong Structure

  1. Introduction
  2. Achievements and past projects
  3. Professional Services you can offer

The most important part is this structure is focused on showing your work, achievements, and what you can offer almost immediately. This is effective and important to the readers since they don’t have to go through a tall wall of text before they can finally get to what they are after.

This means:

Keep your Introduction Short

The Turning Point — Your Past Projects

A nail-biter, right? No worries, here are some steps to get this part right:

Show Your Best Work

Provide Context

Make your Availability Clear

At this part, the readers are already interested in what you’ve done before. So, they are looking for how you did it and how efficient you can be. This part will serve as the final nudge that will convince them to look for your contact information.

Here’s what you can add to make this part pop:

List Key Achievements and Skills

Include Testimonials

Be Clear With Your Intentions

Check Your Portfolio’s Accessibility

That concludes our short guide on what readers, potential employers, and future partners should see in your online portfolio. Though this guide may seem simple, you should spend a significant amount of time building, improving, and updating your portfolio. Remember, you can always update, edit, and make it better, but make sure that it is competitive and accessible to those who are looking for you online! If you have anything you want to add to the guide, be sure to leave a comment or reach us through our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

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