A vision of the Future

Let us briefly imagine a day in the lives of three very different people. However, this day is a few years in the future.

Gustavo is an IT professional specialising in UX design. He is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the moment, however, he is living and working remotely from Phuket, Thailand.

Today, he’s walked down to his favourite café near the beach, where he usually does most of his work. He is an experienced digital freelancer, and has been part of the Ideaology community almost since it launched, a couple of years ago. At the moment he works part time for two startup projects on Ideaology. Additionally, he has registered his own virtual shop on the platform, where he sells his digital assets to interested individuals or companies in the community.

As an experienced member of the Ideaology community, Gustavo holds an impressive number of IDEA coins, which he’s earned through his work. Opening his laptop, he is thinking about a start-up idea he’s come across on the platform. As a matter of fact, he was contacted about his services by the owner of the project, Aleksei, and after their conversation, he liked the idea so much he is considering not only joining the development team, but also investing some of his IDEA coins into the project, thus helping the project grow, as well as creating a long-term investment.

Aleksei is a student of biology at the Moscow State University. What is interesting about Aleksei, is his ground-breaking solution for preservation and natural repopulation of marine wildlife. However, he’s a student with a limited budget and no financial means to initiate a serious startup on his own.

Recently, Aleksei has joined Ideaology. He’s created his profile and he chose the option of presenting his idea pitch to the Ideaology’s Project support team. After evaluating the idea as high-potential, the Project Support team helped him prepare the presentation and roadmap of the project, which was then submitted to the Ideaology community on the New Projects board. This is where anyone interested could see what type of work will be needed, and apply for the open jobs, but also, the project became visible to the Ideaology pool of investors, some of whom have chosen to become early project backers, convinced by the quality of the innovative solution to a growing problem for most coastal countries and the world in general. His project is now hiring freelancers and creating a team that will develop the prototype of his idea. Eventually, it will reach the crowd-funding stage based on the platform itself, with members of the community choosing to support it by investing their IDEA tokens.

Today, after classes at University, Aleksei contacted a couple of potential colleagues about his project. One of them was Gustavo, one of the top-rated UX designers, whose profile perfectly fit the needs of the startup. The other was Helena.

Helena is an experienced entrepreneur and a prolific investor on the Ideaology platform. Impressed by Aleksei’s pitch, she’s agreed to invest a large amount in his project and accepted the key executive business position and partnership with Aleksei, as he is still a student, along with focusing on developing his idea further, he needs someone with experience to help him with creating the structure and teams of the startup.

Helena lives in Australia and is well aware of the declining fish and coral life in the oceans. Not only was she drawn by the altruistic nature of the project, but also by the great profit potential of the idea, as the global struggle for marine repopulation is gaining enormous funds from governments desperate for efficient solutions.

Today, Helena, with the help of the Ideaology legal advisory staff, entered into a contract with Aleksei, and is officially taking over hiring and financial delegation duties, as well as team structuring. This gives Aleksei the freedom to fully focus on the scientific part of the project, knowing that the business part is in good hands with Helena and the Ideaology Project support team. Gustavo has accepted the offer to join the Brand and Marketing team, and he’s invited a few of his colleagues and friends he’s met working together on previous projects, to apply for some of the unfilled positions.

This new project is already set up for success with such an efficient initial response, and the effort of quality professionals that it’s already surrounded by. Everyone involved will benefit from it.

This is what we at Ideaology believe the future of business and innovation should and will look like. So join us in imagining for a little while longer, and help us make this dream into reality.

We are already working on it.


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Ideaology is an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, which will be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members.

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Ideaology is an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, which will be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members.

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