Finding The Right Freelancing Platform for YOU

As the gig economy has developed enormously in the course of recent years, the number of platforms that help organizations looking for freelancers has experienced a substantial amount of growth. But aside from their advantages, these freelance platforms have their share of bumps in the road that affected online freelancers.

These minor and annoying issues are almost exclusive to online professionals. That’s why Team IDEA is listing down the things that online freelancers should look for a platform and the difficulties that these platforms can bring. Let’s dive right in!

Challenges Of Finding The Right Platform

Before we can list down the best traits of the perfect freelancing platforms for you, let’s take a look at the significant inconveniences and possible negative things that you can encounter within the popular platforms out there.

Spams/Fake Jobs

You are looking for work on the internet after all. There are things that you can’t take out of the internet and spam is just one of them. Unfortunately, there are spam and fake jobs on some of the most popular freelance platforms. Platforms that are vulnerable to these spam posts raise a big red flag. This makes the process of looking for real gigs online longer since online professionals might spend more time filtering through the list of gigs available looking for what’s fake and what’s not.

High Fees

Let’s face it. Bigger freelancing platforms will take a big chunk out of your hard-earned money. Not only that, employers who are looking to pay for the services you rendered will be charged too. This will eventually make them turn away from these platforms and look for better alternatives where they won’t be charged as much as they are being charged for every successful job post they have on these platforms.

The Competition

This one is important. If you are looking for online gigs at this moment, chances are you are not alone. The level of competition within the top freelancing platforms is high. Freelancers are often pinned against each other and most of the time, employers will go for the most impressive profile they can get their hands on and not the most qualified to do the job effectively and efficiently. Also, most of the time employers will look for the cheapest freelancers to save cost and risk quality.

Little Contract Dispute Resolution

This is one of the main reasons why it is risky to be part of freelancing platforms where there is little to no intervention by the platform team on each transaction between freelancers and employers.

As freelancers, we would want to get paid for the work that we rendered. One of the most frustrating things to be part of is to find yourself in a middle of a contract dispute. You see, employers can provide different reasons to the platform admins to withhold your payment. Once they filed that what you provided is not good enough, chances are, the platform admins will hold your payment as long as the investigation to resolve the issue is going on. At that point, you could have looked for another platform where you can offer your services and get paid faster and easier.

With these common issues about current top freelancing platforms, it can be challenging on the freelancers’ part to look for alternative platforms. What are the things that a freelancer like you should look for a platform?

Which Freelance Platforms are for You?

Both freelancers and employers can face challenges when it comes to meeting half-way and getting the result that they need. But how can you be sure that you are on a platform that can do exactly that?

All platforms will have their own pros and cons, work processes, fees, and other important things that are exclusive to their terms and conditions. You need to take a gander at all the choices accessible to you and pick the best platform that meets your needs as an online professional.

Active IDEA — A Blockchain-Fueled Solution

Although these looming challenges are very evident to other freelancing platforms, Ideaology’s Active IDEA easily provides the solution so you can focus on your work as a freelancer!

Team IDEA understands the woes of freelancers worldwide. We specifically developed Active IDEA’s processes to eliminate unneeded steps to give the power of choosing gigs to the Active IDEA members. This dynamic platform connects the freelancers to the employers directly and providing them a payment gateway that is both secured and easily tracked through blockchain technology.

Active IDEA also provides an efficient process where employers can instantly see the freelances with the perfect skill set to tackle the job that they post. There is no bidding process, so it’s really up to the employers and the freelancers’ profiles to take the conversation into a deal.

Online freelancing will come with challenges and looking for the freelance platform that is perfect for you is never that easy. But with proper research and courage, freelancers can find their ground in a platform that supports their interest and perfectly match their skills, talents, and profiles to those who are looking for talented professionals.

If you are ready to bring your freelance career to the next level, sign up to be an Active IDEA member today and discover a platform where everyone’s success is a top priority!

Ideaology is an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, which will be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members.