How Startups Can Start Collabvesting with Ideaology

Before I joined Team IDEA, I was tossing myself from one crypto or blockchain startup to another until I met Ideaology’s founders Khaled and Amar. The concept of Ideaology’s IDEA coin and Active IDEA platform appealed to me since I used to do freelance consultancy gigs. During my time as a marketing consultant, I’ve worked with some of the brightest fintech and educational startup founders, these people have traded their C-level roles at established multinational companies to start their venture.

However, a few of them have always encountered a roadblock — funding.

It’s always been a challenge as a startup to raise ample funding to develop the product because ample isn’t always enough. It’s even a gamble to think of building a startup since it involves creating a new product that has no established customer base, and what’s riskier is that you might end up joining a startup that is trying to create a solution but there’s no problem for that solution to solve at all.

As a startup owner, it’s not enough that you have a great idea, it’s crucial that you are part of a community that aims to support each other in cultivating your idea from conceptualization to activation. This is why Team IDEA came up with the term “collabvesting”,

So how exactly can Ideaology’s collabvesting support startup founders?

  • Startup founders can use the Active IDEA platform and nominate their projects using our IDEA crowdfunding feature
  • Ideaology is a collaborative ecosystem. You can seek advisors for your startup or an advisor can also discover you and contact you directly.
  • Online freelancers are always looking for that next big startup to join and collaborate with.

Collabvesting paves the way for meaningful collaborations while enabling the investors to partner up with startup owners as well. Unlike Upwork or Republic that simply offers freelancer work without the crowdfunding opportunity and vice versa, Ideaology’s Active IDEA aims to be a hub that will bring the startup and freelancing communities to work in synergy.

Let’s start making IDEAS together.



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Ideaology is an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, which will be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members.