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4 min readOct 13, 2021


Ideaology has been busy lately.

There’s something coming up for both crypto and gaming communities.

Idea game studio

NFTs and gaming have been huge recently. We’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and we decided to start a partnership with certain game studios to create new blockchain games. You can make use of your NFTs in these games, as NFTs are the in-game content.

Besides making our own, we are going to support other blockchain-built games and NFT projects. Making the content for more games being interchangeable is what benefits both the devs as well as the community. Collaborating with each other we can improve in every aspect.

Our team will be ready to assist those who seek out help, whether it’s giving advice or helping out with programming, making NFTs etc.

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that have their own unique code and can never be replaced. As its name suggests, NFT can’t be used as a currency since it’s non-fungible. It’s rather used as a means of proving ownership, as well as a collectible. Since all information is on the blockchain, there’s a record of purchase and proof of ownership, meaning it’s as safe as it can be.

NFTs in gaming

Blockchain technology in gaming is based on NFTs, they are what makes it special.

While the standard gaming industry is built so it benefits game developers, blockchain-built games have a two-way benefit system, where both developers and players reap the benefits.

Since the NFTs represent the in-game content, you know you’re getting a unique digital asset that can never be replaced, and once you get something only you have it until you sell it or trade it. Another advantage is that you can transfer your in-game content to other games that are connected with each other. For example, in standard games, you buy a sword for your character and you only have it in that exact game. While in blockchain-built games you can buy a sword and transfer it to another game, which keeps benefit you in possibly more games. Meaning it’s not a short-term investment, once you have it, you can keep using it as well as either sell it or trade it off later.

Ideaology has planned making all of this possible by collaborating with game studios.

Blockchain technology and gaming colliding has made a noticeable impact. Both communities come together, explore and learn new things, making it really fun and beneficial.

It’s definitely something to keep an eye out for.

About Ideaology

Ideaology is a blockchain project that strives to connect three types of users on one unique business network platform.
Innovators, developers and investors connected in one platform create an ecosystem which covers four steps from initial idea to crowdfunding.

As the crowdfunding part of Ideaology ecosystem, we present IDO as a multi-chain fixed swap application.

Ideaology is a multi-chain IDO platform on Ethereum, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Polygon which serves as a permissionless DEX geared into actualizing cross-chain token pools and auctions, thus facilitating fund raising of cryptocurrency projects in a decentralized and interoperable environment.‌

With Ideaology, cryptocurrency projects can easily raise funds by setting up a swap pool based on a fixed purchase rate for tokens on the Ideaology IDO launchpad. End-users will be able to join the projects as whitelisting participants in our secure and rule-abiding service environment.

Ideaology will contain two launchpads designed for founders (IDO) and for developers (work-x).

Work-x will serve as a decentralized freelance application which can help founders create early teams and help developers find projects where they can collaborate.

From our website, users can probe into a variety of token pools and join them. They will be fixed swap auction pools where the parties concerned exchange a fixed number of tokens for a predetermined price. Ideaology Fixed Swap Auction Pools serve as a well-tailored token swap infrastructure for token sales.

The beauty of Fixed Swap Auction is that by pledging a fixed exchange rate, project investors are able to assess their investment cost and make smart decisions on the project they are interested in. On the project side (i.e., for auctioneers), the amount of raised funds and sold tokens is correctly calculated.

With this Ideaology MVP, pool creators can feed the pool information comprising token contract address, title of the pool, limit per address, pool access type (public or private) and token price. A participant can join a token sale and his/her bid(s) are automatically processed in no time, ensuring the immediate transfer of the swapped tokens.

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Ideaology is an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, which will be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members.