IDEA: The Crypto to Chase in 2021

The new year is here, and we, at Ideaology, plan to not look back! We aim to make the most of 2021 and start it on the right note. This January, we intend to hit the road running with the public sale of our IEO, IDEA, on Exchange.

IDEA will be available for anyone who is looking for versatile crypto with a use case and multiple utilities. But, what exactly is IDEA, and why is it the most promising crypto to chase in 2021?

Let’s find out and learn how IDEA can be the key to your future success!

What is IDEA?

If you are looking for an ERC-20 token to own, IDEA is one of the prime options. You can start the year right by owning a versatile token that you can use to invest, fund your business, or as a payroll medium for your freelancer team.

You see, IDEA is deeply connected with the groundbreaking platform that Ideaology is currently on the verge of completion — the Active IDEA platform. Within this revolutionary blockchain-powered freelancing and business development platform, the IDEA coin has three main purposes:

  • First, the IDEA coin can be an optional payment gateway for services and products rendered and sold by the community.
  • Second, users can hold the token and enjoy platform benefits such as a 50% discount on fees and crowdfunding & voting privileges when the whole community decides which new projects they want to start crowdfunding for.
  • Lastly, Active IDEA users can use the IDEA to invest in projects that arise on the Active IDEA voting process.

“How will IDEA be the number 1 up and coming crypto in 2021?” you ask. Let’s find out!

The Active IDEA Platform

Ideaology’s Active IDEA platform is a crypto-backed freelancing and business development platform. It is a safe and efficient environment for talented professionals and investors that want to support entrepreneurs and their ideas. Current solutions are expensive, slow, and centralized. Within the Active IDEA platform, everyone can collaborate, brainstorm, and fund under one thriving ecosystem that makes cooperation among development teams and investors as integrated as possible.

The Active IDEA platform will utilize every useful capability of the IDEA token. It provides a perfect environment for the IDEA token to grow in value and use. With Active IDEA, users will have a versatile token, a blockchain-driven platform, and a secure crypto wallet all integrated within one thriving crypto-fueled ecosystem. The perfect breeding ground for IDEA to develop.

IDEA’s Value to The Active IDEA Users

IDEA will act as the life force behind the platform. Ideaology saw the need for a blockchain-based online work-related platform. Ideaology is committed to creating an ecosystem of creative and financial synergy. Each member of the Ideaology ecosystem will have the capacity to scale their business’ potential, enhance their skills, and gain a community of followers that parallels their success on the platform all possible through the use of IDEA within the platform. With the potential growth in value and IEO rounds, IDEA keeps Active IDEA users financially-secure.

The IDEA token can provide the opportunity to start Active IDEA users their own business, develop and sell their business solutions, invest in projects that they believe in, and find a career-defining post all under one crypto-ecosystem for success.

The Big Plan

Active IDEA is only a month away from being fully realized. It aims to serve a niche of 5 billion people. Each user will have access to their online wallet through a mobile application available on both Android and iOS.

“With Ideaology’s Active IDEA platform in the final stages of development, we feel the demand to list IDEA coin on one of the world’s leading exchanges in terms of popularity and traffic volume is the best strategy for our IEO. As a modern and innovative exchange, we believe can provide the marketing capabilities that IDEA needs to reach beyond our current estimated number of potential users.” — Ideaology CEO and co-founder, Khaled Alkalbani.

With the estimated growth of the Active IDEA users, the demand for IDEA tokens will surely follow through. Ideaology’s goal is to reach more than 100,000 users by the end of 2021. With that number, the demand for IDEA will increase 10 times more than the current token in circulation. Whether you are a freelancer, a startup owner, or simply a crypto investor, Ideaology welcomes you to its collaborative ecosystem.

IDEA’s potential for growth, development, and usability, makes it prime and ready to be one of the best cryptos to chase this 2021!



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Ideaology is an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, which will be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members.