IDEA Token is Now Listed on Uniswap

3 min readFeb 10, 2021


Ideaology is excited to announce that the new IDEA token listing will be on Uniswap!

First off, to those who participated and bought from our previous IEO token sale, the entire Team IDEA offers our utmost appreciation! With your enthusiasm, we gained the confidence to move and create new partnerships to provide all of you the fuel you need to launch your ideas out in the world!

We keep on moving forward by continuously providing our users a place where they can get IDEA tokens early! That’s why we are partnering with the automated exchange protocol Uniswap.

We believe that in Uniswaps’ capable system, IDEA can reach more people who would love to buy and own IDEAs to hold and use on the Active IDEA platform.

With more than 60 listed tokens and 17.9 million USD in total locked value, Uniswap currently stands as one of the leading Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs). Thanks to its on-chain liquidity pools system, its users can instantly exchange ETH and ERC-20 tokens without using order books or needing an account.

“This kind of accessibility is exciting for IDEA buyers. We believe that a listing in Uniswap can broaden the reach of IDEA and provide a clearer way for the buyers to get their hands on IDEAs that they can hold or use within Ideaology’s freelancing and startup launching platform, Active IDEA.” — Ideaology CEO and co-founder, Khaled Alkalbani.

The Active IDEA platform aims to utilize every useful capability of the IDEA token. Its goal is to provide a perfect environment for IDEA to grow in value and application. With Active IDEA, users will have a versatile token, a blockchain-driven platform, and a secure crypto wallet.

“IDEA allows our users to start their own business, develop and sell their business solutions, invest in projects that they believe in, and find a career-defining post all under one crypto ecosystem that serves as a breeding ground for success. With this partnership with Uniswap, we can make IDEA available to people who are interested in both owning an ERC-20 token and using it in a platform where they can start developing their business and professional plans.” — Ideaology CTO and co-founder, Amar Kovacevic.

The estimated growth of Active IDEA users is 100,000 by the end of 2021. The Team IDEA firmly believes that the demand for IDEA tokens will surely go beyond what we expect. With the possibility in mind, Ideaology is excited about this partnership with Uniswap.

Ideaology has set everything for the Active IDEA users to provide solid crypto-backing to those who want to start building their futures by creating and launching their innovations under a nurturing ecosystem that the Active IDEA offers.

You can get IDEA tokens through our Uniswap listing.

Let’s start creating IDEAS together!