IDEAology MVP in detail

3 min readJun 16, 2020


Imagine a single network where freelancers, developers and designers offer project resources, templates and anything you need to start your idea development. Now, imagine that it’s not an imagination — because there’s a team, named Ideaology, already working on that!

Briefly, here’s the plan:

Ideaology MVP is consisted of three layers dedicated to core pillars of the strong ecosystem: people, tools and needed funds. On top of that we’ve added enhancers which includes all you need to smoothly use those main pillars.

Simply put, here’s the structure:

Layer 1: Ideaology Launchpad

The core of the platform is dedicated to people, which means that you may find needed talents, assets, hire or get hired, find partners,….etc. Not only that, we will provide guidance and expert knowledge every step of the way, as well as community feedback, all in one place. Going a step further, all freelancers automatically become a part of the IDEAOLOGY community, meaning they’ll be able to evaluate, vote and invest in projects too. Remember we spoke about the power of sharing? Yeah, we meant it.

Layer 2: IDEA Wallet

Stage Two of the project will be a wallet that supports all tokens founded through IDEAOLOGY, connected to one of the major exchanges to help projects get more visibility. Moreover, crowdfunding option will be exclusively available through mobile wallet.

So what makes the IDEAOLOGY wallet different from any other ERC20 wallet?

Layer 3: Get funds

Getting funded by IDEAOLOGY is an investment for a new start-up, who will sign legal papers to give an equity share for the funding option.

We take a risk on your project and give you everything you need for a good start. Here’s how that will work:


As mentioned before, to smooth the process and user experience, Ideaology platform has add-ons which will enable you to

1 — offer yours creative assets & knowledge
2 — crowdfund your project
3 — vote, engage and be rewarded
4 — find team, partners or investors
5 — simply earn as #Ideaology community member

The compleate MVP document is available HERE, and you may always drop us a line or ask question about MVP development stages, team, or services you are interested to learn more about.


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Ideaology is an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, which will be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members.