Ideaology News and Updates through Unlock BC

We’ve partnered with Unlock BC to provide the MENA Region news about our token, Active IDEA, and plans!

Our community knows that Team IDEA values information and transparency regarding the status, updates, and news about Ideaology and our revolutionary crypto-based platform, Active IDEA.

With the awareness of the need to provide news and updates to our countless community members in the MENA region, we are very excited to announce that we have partnered up with the first crypto news site in the area, Unlock BC!

To deliver and contribute to the development of blockchain technology in the MENA region, Ideaology and Unlock BC will work together and unite each party’s efforts to achieve informational harmony that will benefit both the IDEA community Unlock’s readership.

“We believe that spreading the news about the innovative projects that Ideaology has been working on in the MENA region can be only done by a credible source. That’s why we have partnered with Unlock BC. Their publication is focused on Blockchain & Crypto adoption in the MENA Region and the world.

We are looking forward to sharing our blockchain ideas of innovation to leaders, entrepreneurs, and crypto enthusiasts that religiously visit Unlock BC for blockchain and business development news.”Ideaology Co-founder & CTO, Amar Kovačević.

Every Team IDEA member believes that the blockchain community will benefit from this symbiotic relationship. This partnership will contribute to Ideaology reaching a broader audience with the enthusiasm to use blockchain projects such as the Active IDEA platform. Also, more entrepreneurs will have the chance to find and learn more about the Active IDEA platform through Unlock. It’s a win-win for the whole blockchain community.

Through this partnership, we can build your IDEAS together!

Visit Unlock BC for more good news about the growth of the blockchain industry in the MENA region: