Ideaology’s latest team expansion

October 2020 was a remarkably dynamic month for Ideaology. As a result of new partnerships and important milestones accomplished, we have completed another team expansion.

In this most recent expansion of the Ideaology team, we have acquired several additions to our Marketing team, including our new Chief Marketing Officer, Mac Ocampo. Additionally, Anita Erker, our CMO until now, has taken up the responsibilities of the COO of Ideaology.

In a shift of strategies, we have opted to go the route of the IEO instead of ICO. This is where Mac’s extensive knowledge of innovation and trends in blockchain marketing and tech, in general, will benefit our platform adoption going forward.

We welcome Mac and all the new members of the team. As he comes to us in the middle of an intense period of hard work on the Beta version of the platform and further expansion of its functions and options, his primary goal is to pick up in stride the reins of the Marketing team and prepare the ground for global adoption of the Active Idea platform as well as the 2 rounds of our IEO, the first of which is starting December 1st on the P2PB2B exchange.

To properly introduce Mac to our public, we asked him a few questions about his first impressions of Ideaology, his philosophy of marketing and the plans for the future of the Active Idea platform.

Can you tell us a little bit about your first impressions of the team?

So far, I’ve admired the leadership and creativity of my colleagues at Ideaology. But what’s special about our team right now is the sense of initiative and collaborative environment that will enable us to move quickly and respond to the needs of our community. Each team member is an asset for Ideaology and everyone is motivated to bring the best out of everyone.

How important is the marketing aspect for a startup project and what is the best way to communicate an upcoming product, in your opinion?

Working with Ideaology is both a challenge, and an opportunity, and I love that! Blockchain is innovative by definition, and we kept seeing incomplete projects, or ideas which were not a good market-fit.

Ideaology, on the other hand, is launching the first blockchain-powered platform and I’m expecting that several people will simply dismiss it as another Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. These users haven’t realised the full potential of blockchain, right?

This is an opportunity for the Ideaology team to offer a decentralised platform which aims to be a hub for startup founders, investors, and freelancers while learning how the value of blockchain technology can complement their respective ventures.

From a marketing perspective, it’s essential that we determine the relevant touchpoints to bring brand awareness for Ideaology and the Active Idea platform. You need to think your target audience is and where they can be found. Thus, for any startup to thrive and succeed in the vast competitive arena of blockchain startups, it’s vital that your community supports the project in a number of aspects.

The Internet is a marketplace, and we are keen to present Ideaology’s Active Idea platform as the prime destination for collaboration among our users.

Why did you join Ideaology?

I believe in Ideaology’s mission and vision. It’s an actual blockchain project that people need and I’m anticipating that with our “collabvesting” approach, there’s a high possibility that the next big startup will sprung out of the Active Idea platform.

Can you tell us a little about the term that you used — “collabvesting”?

The term is an amalgamation of collaboration and investing, which is what Ideaology is all about. For example, a startup founder who is clueless about the nitty-gritty development of an NFT platform can find a product manager through Active Idea. Eventually, they become partners, and these 2 are invested in each other but at the same time, community members will have the opportunity to invest in their project through crowdfunding.

What is your understanding of Ideaology’s key message: Innovate, work, invest?

Ideaology’s ethos tells us that every startup needs the right pieces in place in order for it to be successful. It reminds us that collaboration is the fuel for success, hence, Ideaology’s founders have created Ideaology for success-driven people to find each other.

What can we expect in the forthcoming period, that the public can look forward to from Ideaology?

Our community and spectators can expect substantial partnerships and nimble improvements to our Active Idea platform. We are also keen to team up with more mainstream entities for us to bring the value of Ideaology to everyone.


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Ideaology is an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, which will be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members.