Ideaology’s market potential

As Ideaology’s development is progressing, industry media is taking notice. In a recent Cointelegraph industry review, Ideaology platform was featured as an example of blockchains potential for secure and independent data sharing:

While the widely used methods of exchanging data are laden with many flaws, blockchain boasts of a tightly secure peer-to-peer exchange of information that is independent of a third party. For example, Ideaology, an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, is a platform for entrepreneurs, engineers, artists and scientists to exchange, review and monetize ideas freely.

We are proud to be noticed and made a part of an industry review on such a prestigious media outlet.

Read the full article on Cointelegraf.

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Ideaology is an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, which will be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members.