Ideaology’s PoC (prototype) guide

Dear readers, we would like to acquaint you a little bit more with the platform we are developing. As you might know, a clickable prototype of our platform called Active Idea is online. We invite you to try it out and let us know what you think about it.

In the following paragraphs, we are providing you with a screen-to-screen guide with an explanation, for the easiest navigation through the prototype:


By coming to the platform, the very first screen that will occur is the WELCOME PAGE — just pointing out what you will see, and how important your feedback is for us.

By proceeding further, you will land on the main Active Idea page, where you can choose what you are interested in doing on the platform, whether you want to find a team for your project, become a registered freelancer, and be hired by other projects, shop digital assets available on our market, apply your project for crowdfunding or support other projects by investing, or manage your IDEA tokens:

Keep in mind that this is a Proof of Concept — Prototype of the Platform, a basic explanation of what we are building. Each option will have many more sub-options, filters, as well as dashboards per type of user — you will be able to customize your experience in using the Active Idea Ideaology launchpad.

🔎 Find a Team

Once clicked, Find a Team service opens up ‘Find a partner’ and ‘Post a job’ options.

To get started, customers and community members can use the Find a Team option to connect with professionals with the skills, resources, and knowledge necessary to help them develop their ideas. Customers and community members can create job posts or go through the list of available freelancers to hire. The users can also use various filters, including category, skills, and salary to find providers.

To make a post, the user will need to enter the details for the job position, overview of the roles and responsibilities, required experience/skills/certification, and the proposed salary.

In addition to finding team members, customers can also connect with potential partners. To find a partner, users post the requirements of the project, plans for development, and contact details.

The trend of expanding remote work is reaching levels of mass adoption. Thus, Ideaology platform will support freelancers all around the world, devoting special attention to make your freelancing job easier, safer, and more profitable.

🔎 Freelancing

To become a freelancer, the provider will need to register on the platform by filling in the online application form with the following details: Skills, Specialty, Hourly Rate & Currency/Token, Average weekly hours, Portfolio Professional website, Resume of the user, and other valuable info.

The provider can use the additional features in his/her profile to manage and promote their services, including posting jobs, tracking sales, communicating with buyers, completed jobs, invoices, and others.

ADVISORY ROLE: Platform users with expertise and experience in certain fields will also be able to register as advisors. The user will need to provide the information, including skills, expertise, experience, and contact information, to become an Advisor in one of the categories, such as ICO, Legal, Finance.

🔎 Marketplace

The Ideaology marketplace supports developers and artists from around the world, by letting them upload and sell their digital products, which can range from Dapps, WordPress Themes, Tutorials, Plug-ins, Designs, and other digital assets necessary for any startup project to get to the next level. To become a seller, the provider will need to register to the platform and provide the following information

  • Specialty
  • Skills
  • Copyright file

Once the information has been submitted, our team will evaluate the information provided before approval. After the approval, the marketplace seller will receive the option to post and track sales through their profile.

The main page of the marketplace will display all the offerings posted by sellers. The buyer can scroll through the offerings and buy the most appropriate product. Ideaology’s virtual market town is specially designed to enhance your project development — so all assets you might need for business to start, grow, scale,…will be available on the marketplace.

And then, there’s the Funding part of the Platform. Now that you’ve created your team, found all the needed assets and advisors, as well as partners, etc… you will need additional funding at some point in the business development.

🔎 Crowdfunding

Entrepreneurs can apply for crowdfunding for their projects on the platform. However, to do so, our team will first need to review and vet their project. The entrepreneur will need to submit a business plan/pitch deck with the details about their projects in the following interface:

After the project has been uploaded, will be evaluated by the Ideaology legal department, as well as experts in the field to verify that the project has a legitimate purpose and is not a scam. After it passes this evaluation, it proceeds to the voting stage. Community members and token holders can vote on each project after reviewing their details. The top voted projects will be displayed on the main page. If the project idea passes the voting stage, the idea will be approved for crowdfunding; however, if the idea fails to pass the voting stage, it will be transferred to the upcoming projects section.

In the upcoming project section, the idea developer will be given the feedback to improve their project, including the specific set of tasks required to overcome the shortcomings. The user will need to submit a new application after the improvement requirements have been met.


The IDEA token will be the core of all their interactions. Transactions through IDEA tokens will allow for a fluid ecosystem and a vibrant community. It will also be used to hold value, and its use will grant the users significant benefits. The Ideaology platform will be open for all kinds of monetary transactions, however, using the IDEA token will be the most efficient and profitable.

✏️ Tell us what you think!

Please keep in mind that we are talking about the prototype here, and all content is subject to change. This is why we need your help and feedback, so we can make these changes suit your needs.

Join our community on Telegram, and use our feedback form which is accessible on the prototype site, be critical, give us your honest opinion. Of course, you can directly access the feedback form on the landing page. We are building this platform for you and us, to use it, and make our work simpler and more enjoyable. Without you, the user, our platform, and community does not exist, so let’s do it together, for all of us!

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