IEO Impact Urges Increased Demand for IDEA Token

We heard you, IDEA nation! Our recent IDEA pre-sale was successful enough for everyone to ask for an earlier public sale on a bigger crypto exchange. Hence, we have partnered with one of the leading and most trusted crypto exchanges today. We will reveal our exchange partner for our IDEA public sale later in this post.

In the meantime, let’s check out the recent news and developments at Ideaology:

  • The Ideaology team is grateful for all the interest and support from the blockchain community. The previous week Ideaology presented the Active IDEA at the Dubai Future Blockchain Summit and we are glad to see numerous new users and an increased interest in the Initial Exchange Offering(IEO).
  • The Active IDEA beta version will go live soon in February 2021! Our product development team is working extra hard to provide a smooth and nimble experience for pioneer users. We are excited as much as you to be an early adapter on the Active IDEA platform.
  • Our IDEA Champions ambassador program has already recruited a handful of influencers in India, Indonesia, Russia, Germany, and the Philippines. We will announce the pioneer batch of IDEA Champions in January 2021!
  • Recently, we have received an impressive amount of feedback both about the Active IDEA beta and about our IDEA pre-sale IEO. It is evident that many of our pre-registered users and community supporters who would like to invest or start a business in Ideaology are waiting for the IDEA to make its debut on bigger and more popular exchanges.

We are proud to announce that we have found an awesome and credible partner in exchange.

Our IDEA token public sale will go live from January 26th until February 5th, 2021, on the Roger Ver-backed exchange, at the price of $0.09 per IDEA token. Immediately after the public sale has concluded, IDEA will be listed on most major exchanges.

Keep on the lookout for more news and updates about IDEA and the Active IDEA platform. We have more exciting updates coming that can help your 2021 start on the right note!



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