In The Spotlight With Ideaology’s COO, Zied Chaabane

Providing a user-friendly blockchain-backed collabvesting platform in the MENA Region!

Ideaology’s Active IDEA is well on its way with a listing of its utility/payment token offering, IDEA token. While the whole team is polishing all the interesting intricacies of the platform, we are currently focusing on how the platform can serve its main partner, the members. Here to provide some light on our plans to give the power and benefits Active IDEA members deserve is Ideaology’s COO, Zied Chaabane.

Working with Ideaology for a while now, especially with the MENA market, you have a good insight into the Ideaology community. How do you think the Active IDEA platform will benefit the community?

In the MENA Region, we’ve always used big platforms in the market and we have the ways and means to create something similar that could work smoothly using our native language. Ideaology is built to answer that need.

When you look back, what do you think were the crucial moments in the project’s development until now?

In general, creating the bridge between the crypto world and traditional freelancing comes with different challenges:

  • Getting a person’s acknowledgment is not easy, especially in the freelancing domain, because they are used to work on other platforms.
  • Working with big exchanges and explaining the business model is not simple
  • Due to the pandemic, we could not meet each other and/or attend events

Some 6000 users have pre-registered to use and test the Active IDEA platform. What can you tell us about the benefits that the early adopters will have?

Early Adopters will benefit from strong support and be rewarded for their feedback. I believe that they will have special accounts, it is like the Early Adopters of the Change Adoption Model.

If you were a member of the Active IDEA community, what are the benefits that you would be most excited about?

Seeing that payments could be done using blockchain technology will help a lot of freelancers who get a lot of cuts using other payment providers like Paypal, Bank Transfer.

From my own experience, I was looking for a freelancer job last year and when I made the math, I realized 35% of my compensation will be going to fees only! I am spending ⅓ of my work time paying up the fees.

One last question, after seeing your Advisor and LinkedIn profile, why choose Ideaology?

The decision to join a bright project and dedicate all the time and efforts to one is something that took me time to decide. Seeing a project that is from my region helped me a lot because we do not have platforms that unify our freelancers, startups, and investors.

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Ideaology is an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, which will be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members.