Introducing…the IDEA Champions Ambassador Program!

Are you ready to be an IDEA champion?

Today, we are proud to introduce the IDEA Champions ambassador program. Our ambassador program aims to increase brand awareness and positive PR for Ideaology. It’s an essential initiative for us to grow and sustain the Active IDEA platform for us to become the biggest blockchain ecosystem in 2021 and beyond!

Ready to become an IDEA Champion?

Ideaology is keen to build a community presence in each relevant target market in order to educate users how to use the Active IDEA platform, the utility and essence of the IDEA token, and learn how they can be a vital part of the Ideaology ecosystem.

What is an IDEA Champion?

The IDEA Champions ambassadorship paves the way for Ideaology to establish worldwide IDEA-centric communities. An IDEA champion is our community champion for our target countries and market segments, hence, he opens the gates of Ideaology and welcomes everyone to the global IDEA family.

Our IDEA champions are significant and essential in converting each freelancer, investor, and founder into Active IDEA users. For our potential Active IDEA users, it means that more opportunities to find work, crowdfund their startups, and even invest in other founders’ projects.

Want to learn how you can be part of Team IDEA and earn IDEA tokens? Sign up now!

How can I become an IDEA Champion?

You can start by signing up on Active IDEA as one of our beta users and applying on this sign-up form. Please be informed that we will choose qualified applicants only.

Who can become an IDEA Champion?

  • Content Creators (Bloggers, Youtubers etc.)
  • Crypto Meetup Organisers
  • Segment Community Influencers (Startup Space, Freelancer Communities, Investor Circles)

What are the benefits of becoming an IDEA Champion?

All successful IDEA Champions candidates will receive:

  1. IDEA Champions Starter Kit (Hoodie, Cap, and Car Sticker)
  2. Event Support for Crypto Meetup Organisers (Pizza and drinks are on us!)
  3. Exciting Bonuses/Rewards from Our Upcoming Partners
  4. Exclusive Facebook, Telegram, and Discord Groups (Champions only!)
  5. IDEA Token Rewards (Based on Tier Level for Content Creators)

Lead the charge for innovation, be an Ideaology IDEA Champion!

Sign up on our exclusive priority list and fill out this form:

Click here: IDEA Champion Application Form

Ideaology is an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, which will be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members.