Investing in IDEA is investing in the future of Blockchain

The next Blockchain phenomenon

The next big thing

Ever since Bitcoin and Ethereum (Blockchain and Blockchain 2.0 stages) proved their value, more and more scientific teams, development firms and even huge business conglomerates are researching the best ways of joining the race to develop the next big thing in Blockchain. It’s all about creating real world applications and translating the enormous potential of this groundbreaking technology into something all of us can use in everyday life and profit from it.

Speaking of the next big thing in Blockchain, here at Ideaology we are confident we’re developing it. And the best part is, what we are building is going to be the launching platform for hopefully many more big things in Blockchain and technology in general.

DEVELOPING FOR THE FUTURE: What we are developing is a way to give everyone interested a way to easily become a part of the fast-growing Blockchain arena. Freelancers will be able to find work developing new tech, marketing it, designing and much more; Innovators will be able to pick a competent and experienced team from the community of certified experts and freelancers on our platform to develop their idea; investors will be able to use our tokens to hold for value, to pick and choose projects to support and even vote in a crypto-agora of our platform’s ecosystem. Our platform will give founders and new projects an opportunity to present their idea to a selected and proven investor base, as well as allow them to choose a great team from our pool of freelancers and developers, give them much needed exposure and help them transition into the crowdfunding stage with our expertise in the field.

Advantages of investing in IDEA

Investing in IDEA tokens, you really get so many more options than just buying a token and hoping it increases in value over time. An investor accumulating IDEA tokens has the option to use those tokens to invest further into projects registered on our platform. As Ideaology and its community grow, the options for early investors will grow as well. While they can simply hold tokens, they now also have the option to invest in some of many potential projects that they think could be profitable in the future. And choosing such projects will be easier than ever.

MEETING STANDARDS: The way we are setting up our platform, all projects registered will be checked and pre-approved by our law and advisory teams, taking the risky or scam projects out of the equation.

After projects are approved and registered, investors will be able to contact the development teams, communicate, do their research and ultimately invest their IDEA tokens into a number of projects they chose. This process will make our platform the safe community for Blockchain investment.

As a bonus for investors on Ideaology, all projects participating in coin offerings on our platform will offer tokens at a discounted price, since this will be mutually advantageous as the projects will get a great pool of investors to fund their development. All community members will be registered users with provided KYC, thus further preventing scams. Additionally IDEA token holders will have the option to vote.

PROVEN SAFETY PROCEDURES: With our experience in the Blockchain environment, our focus will be on projects which plan to use the crowdfunding model of their own tokens on our platform. Each project will have to meet the safety standards of our platform, be subjected to analysis of the owner, the initial team and go through the voting process in the Ideaology community. This way, only the strongest projects with most potential will be presented to the investors, and begin the crowdfunding stage.

CIRCULATION OF INVESTMENTS: A percentage of the revenue accumulated through crowdfunding, fees, and all other sources will stay circulating in the Ideaology system as a special support fund from which some projects will gain additional funding, and that fund will be controlled by the investors through a voting system, thus making sure that the best projects get the boost.

WALLET: The coin they are offering will immediately be added to our wallet, as well as investors’ wallets when they buy it. In addition to that, the coins offered by projects that meet proposed conditions will be offered at a discount to investors.

Early investors in our platform can also look forward to some amazing privileges. Feel free to visit the page dedicated to the early investment benefits on our website, and we will also be posting updates on Medium, Steemit and our Telegram group, so you can stay posted and know what to be excited about!


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Ideaology is an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, which will be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members.