Let’s get ready for the “New World”

The world as we know it has been rapidly changing

The factors of change are many and diverse. They are all now culminating in a perfect storm — a transformation of the way we live, work, and earn. The most evident and influential factor being the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

The trend of expanding remote work had already started, long before the virus even existed, but as we’ve got further into the “new normal” of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work, or work from home, became not only desirable for many, but a necessity. Most companies have suddenly found ways to delegate work so that it can be done by their employees from home, even though before, they deemed it impossible, or risky and inefficient.

Researchers tell us that at the moment over 50% of the US workforce has transitioned to working from home. It is similar in most highly developed countries. This was a massive experiment, for which most of us weren’t ready.

Nonetheless, we had to make it work. And we did!

Contrary to expectation, efficiency has gone up for many companies whose employees started working remotely. Around 65% of employees feel their productivity has increased now that they work from home. Companies are also saving money, as they no longer have to pay rent, utilities, cleaning services and food for their employees. Not everything is perfectly suited for remote work, but we are quickly adjusting.

How is all this going to affect us in the long run? Unfortunately, even with all the rapid adjustments that are being introduced, the coronavirus crisis is going to have many negative effects on the world economy as well as the lives of many, globally. The loss of lives, fear, stress and widespread uncertainty will inevitably lead to market fluctuations, loss of jobs, and another economic recession.

So what needs to be done to speed up the recovery of the market, and prepare a necessary overhaul of the outdated economic structures which no longer meet the needs of our industries, in circumstances which are changing faster than ever?

This is where new systems such as IDEAOLOGY come in.

New, efficient technologies and solutions need to be developed fast, and spread around the world. Problem-solving ideas must be supported with the right tools, by the right people and sufficient funds.

In the “new world” which is focused on digital industries, sustained development and efficient solutions for new problems, it will be the decentralized platforms that allow free and fast cooperation of freelancers, innovators and investors, that will truly make recovery and further development of our civilization possible.

People working remotely, developing digital and technological advancements for others whose occupations can not be done remotely, but with these new solutions, can become safer, more efficient and more profitable.

Feel free to join our conversation about improving the ways we answer the challenges this new crisis has presented, as well as preventing such occurrences in the future.

Innovate, work, invest.


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