Have you ever started doing something and then suddenly it feels overwhelming? Don’t worry, everyone has probably been there before. That’s probably because you rushed in and didn’t properly plan or organize the occurrence. To avoid such things happening, planning, organizing, and making schedules will be your number one priority.

A good schedule will ease your organisation and planning by a lot. Start out with a weekly schedule. Make sure to leave room for unexpected events if there is a chance something like that might happen.

The next step is organization. Try to take a step back from what you’ve done until this point, and go through it all again. Is there something you’re missing, something that could be rearranged, or even something that needs to be redone from scratch. Go through all of that and you’re ready for the next step.

The next and final step is planning. This is where you combine all three of the elements and your work is almost complete. Now you’re making use of the schedule you have already made and the organization you’ve done. Plan everything according to your previous organisation and fill in your schedule for the week. Now you’re ready for everything that’s coming your way!

After you’re done with the whole process, you can start making schedules for the following weeks and enjoy the stress-free time you’ve managed to achieve. This way even if something unexpected happens, you will be able to handle it easier than you would otherwise. Now get to planning!

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