Catch up with Ideaology’s Sunday giveaways! You have a chance of winning free tokens on our Sunday quizzes, minigames, and puzzles! It’s a great opportunity to have fun and take a break while having an opportunity to win tokens in the meanwhile.

Last two Sundays have been very successful with our minigames, where 12 people have won 100 IDEA tokens each, while having fun playing the games! For the first game, IdeaVerse, the two players with the highest score each got 100 $IDEA. For the second game, Idea Maze, 10 players each won 100 $IDEA, the 10 people were selected randomly and everyone who completed the maze had a chance to be selected.

Previous to that, we’ve had quizzes and puzzles that our followers had to solve in order to get $IDEA. We’ve also had a couple players winning the tokens by solving them. They are really fun and get your brain going, and are also a distraction from the other responsibilities you might have, which makes it a useful break from your chores.

We’re planning to keep up with these ‘Sundays Fundays’ at least for some time. Follow @ideaologyio on Twitter , and participate in our upcoming giveaways. Have fun solving quizzes and playing games, while having the opportunity to win prizes! Good luck and have fun, maybe YOU are the next lucky winner!