What’s in Store For Online Freelancers in 2021?

The Pandemic Effect

It’s safe to assume that online professionals do their business, well, online. As we all saw, traditional businesses were the ones that are greatly affected by the global events of 2020. And when you completely rely on the internet to execute every step of your business, it can be business as usual.

A Jack of All Trades

An online freelancer can be a lot of things. With the plethora of opportunities online, anyone can sink their teeth into different things all at the same time. Let’s go through some of the usual monikers that an online professional can take.

Online Jobs

Probably the most common thing that an online freelancer can get into. Online jobs can range from a simple coding job to a full-time career-defining position. All these and in-between can be found on the multiple online freelancing platforms that you can find within the realm of the Internet. If you are looking for a specific job that fits your skill set, getting an online job can be an easy task for you.

Online Entrepreneur

This one takes time, effort, and perseverance. First of all, you must have an audience that you can sell your product to. Hitting a niche market is a key to focusing your effort as an online entrepreneur. Whether you sell consumer products on a landing page, website templates, or digital business solutions to other businesses, as an online entrepreneur, you must be up-to-date with the common online marketing strategies to hit every mark you need to reach, convince your target market, and make a sale.

Business Consultant

Whether you found this opportunity from a professional social media platform or a random email asking you for help because they got a glance at your online profile and your experience, being an online consultant is one of the satisfying freelancing gigs that you can land. Getting recognized for the things that you did before, landing a paying gig for sharing your experiences, and helping a startup build from the ground? Count us in!


For the majority of us, investing online sounds so sketchy. But today, we have this thing called cryptocurrency. And investing in it can be profitable if planned correctly. You can also look for online businesses or startups that you are really interested in and be part of their team as a shareholder. All possible now thanks to the Internet.

A “Collabvesting” Hub for Freelancers

If you are really thinking of shifting how you do business as a freelancer this coming 2021, Active IDEA offers a home for online professionals where collaboration and investing go hand-in-hand. The platform also features a marketplace where you can showcase and sell your online business solution then offer it to a readily available audience. The Active IDEA platform is one of the biggest blockchain projects in 2021 that is focused on community collaboration to establish a sound blockchain ecosystem for users. More collabvesting opportunities are what’s in store for freelancers in 2021, all possible within the ecosystem of Ideaology’s Active IDEA platform.



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