Top In-Demand Jobs in The Blockchain Space

The booming crypto industry is experiencing a great surge of demand when it comes to talented professionals. The continuous development and dynamic changes that the whole industry consistently helps shed light on blockchain-related opportunities. From business-building, tech coordination, finance, to workforce management, there are more and more unique positions that professionals can land in the ever-expanding crypto world.

Ideaology is currently going through this process and we would love to provide our insights when it comes to the top in-demand jobs in the blockchain space. We figured that some of these jobs will land on Active IDEA so we might as well give our members an idea of what freelancing skills to learn to land these jobs. So, let’s get on this list!

Business Development Representative

This is one of the most sought-after careers in the crypto industry. It is pretty clear why. Most IEOs and ICOs now come with projects that support the crypto’s growth by providing a use for them or a platform where people can directly use them. To be able to develop these blockchain-based projects, blockchain companies will need competitive professionals that can develop these platforms where their crypto can grow.

These business development representatives will have to create strategies and steps to further evolve these projects. They are responsible for promoting their companies, projects, and creating partnerships that will advance their efforts to finish, improve, and cast a wide user-base.

They will represent the whole company in so many ways that they should have complete faith in what their companies are working to achieve.

Blockchain Engineer

These engineers are a breed of their own. The work will usually require a certain understanding of a very specific tech. Blockchain engineers ought to have a significant degree of ability in Java, Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple, Solidity, Python, bitcoin, and Oracle Identity.

Blockchain engineers specialize in creating and implementing digital solutions for organizations by utilizing a unique type of technology. They must be able to analyze an organization’s technological needs and create applications to meet those needs. Blockchain engineers may analyze code artifacts and provide training to junior personnel.

These engineers may also be responsible for determining application release dates and monitoring the implementation to ensure projects are completed on time. So you can see why they are sought out by blockchain companies.

Blockchain Legal Consultant

Blockchain startup owners can fall into a trap of getting ahead of themselves, that is why it is important to have a team of legal consultants that can provide guidance and a proper explanation of the risks involved with every step the company may take.

Let’s be honest, taking a leap of chance in the crypto space takes a lot of work. Guesswork is not ideal. As organizations take bolder moves toward innovation, they should be accompanied by a talented team of legal consultants that can provide strategic plans backed by research, complete with possible ramifications, and legal solutions.

Marketing Manager

They say that a blockchain venture without a marketing team behind it is a complete waste. Well, we’d have to agree. For a blockchain-powered project to succeed, future clients and financial backers need to realize it exists. Not only that, they must know the project’s framework and how the product works.

A results-driven marketing manager with a marketing team behind them can go through the whole process of getting to know their target market, understanding their needs, preparing the necessary materials or content that speak directly to their target, and use that to efficiently create hype and communicate their message. The people in this scope of work recognize the value of what they are selling and use that to grow their userbase.

Community Manager

Blockchain projects without a solid community behind them are…non-existent. For a project, solution, or platform to thrive, they must have the support of a passionate and very vocal community. In Team IDEA’s position, we are very grateful to our community and in return, we want to create the best collabvesting platform for online success that they can use. It is a symbiotic relationship and at the frontlines of our community outreach are our community managers!

Their job is to listen, inform, and serve as the first respondents when it comes to updates and answers when the community has questions. To be a community manager, you must have a good eye when it comes to checking the temperature of your specific community. You must be able to create and manage hype, dish out important information, and be spirited enough to keep the community engaged and interested with every update of your public releases and product updates.

New research shows that blockchain-related skills top the list of the most popular skills for 2021. Having that said, the crypto industry will proceed to develop, which implies more opportunities, inclusion and adaptations, and overall industry growth.

The Need for Talent In The Crypto World

If you are planning to kick off a new career in the blockchain space, now is the best time to do so.

This sudden surge of need will only go with the blockchain industry’s ability to expand. And it is expanding. We do not doubt that! Ideaology is a testament to that expansion. We are riding this wave of innovation that the blockchain community is on and we are loving every moment of it. We have plans of expansion and there is always that thought of getting the right person for the job.

It all boils down to growth. The crypto space is growing and with its growth, the need for talented professionals is rising. There is more chance than ever for professionals to get their dream jobs in this niche industry. Multiple startups, companies, and projects are continuously looking for talented individuals so they can keep the pace of their growth. If you have not tried your luck looking for that career-defining post in the blockchain space, this is the right time to do it.

Since the blockchain scene is booming, you might want to take your chances here and find that dream job of yours within a fast-growing space in need of your talent. One sure way to find that is to join Ideaology’s Active IDEA platform! Secure your path to financial stability and success and be part of a dedicated space for online professionals in the world of crypto!

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