WorkX — upcoming blockchain-based freelance platform

Exciting announcement! Upcoming platform!!

Expect a new freelance platform on Ideaology.

It’s a milestone for both Ideaology and its community — you!

You’ll be able to find work, if you need it, as well as people who will gladly help you out with the work you need to be done.

Since it was already planned, following the roadmap Decentralized Freelancing protocol was planned in 2022 Q1 v3.

We’re finally ready to officially announce it. We took our time to make sure the platform is user-friendly and that our users will be satisfied and happy with the platform.

This freelance platform will be on Ideaology, and these two will be intertwined.

We’re still working on improving the platform until we’re completely satisfied. Since this extension is made for you, we want you to be pleased with how everything works. We want you to easily maneuver the platform, easily find everything you need and be time efficient.

This blockchain-based freelance platform will be on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network

with escrow.

Binance P2P is using escrow in order to secure the crypto until both parties have confirmed the desired transaction.

Every transaction will be done through MetaMask. That being said you can find a guide how to install MetaMask here: (scroll down to the MetaMask segment)

You can see how the platform will look once it is finished and launched down below.

There will be a new gigs segment where you can see the latest gigs and catch up with what’s new.

You can also find every gig posted, as well as use filters to find something specific you’re looking for.

Freelancers can browse through new jobs to catch up with what’s new and find a job suitable for them.

You can also find all jobs and go through them. If you’re looking for something specific you can use filters to easily find it.

You will have the option to subscribe and get notification for new gigs and jobs.

This is how signing up as a freelancer would look like. You just fill out the information required and that’s it.

This is how signing up as a customer would look like. You fill out everything required and that’s it!

After you’re done with registration, you just need to enter your email address and your password and you’re logged in.

Since we are still working on the platform, there might be some changes. Any feedback is more than welcome, feel free to suggest changes yourself.

If there’s anything missing or you have something that would make your time spent on the platform more enjoyable, definitely reach out to us.

As previously said, your opinion is what really matters, we’re not making the platform just for ourselves, you are a huge part of it. So don’t be shy, suggest whatever you think would work.

More news coming soon, follow us to stay up-to-date with the latest news!

You can find us on:




Ideaology is an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, which will be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members.

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Ideaology is an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, which will be dedicated to connecting talented developers and their target community members.

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